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We are one of Australia's first carbon neutral medical practices.  For more information about how we achieved it see our blog

Solar Panels on Roof

Solar panels

20kw of panels on the roof sees all of our energy produced by the sun

Surgery Materials

Reusable equipment

We try and use reusable equipment rather than single use.  We can sterilise them on site using our autoclave powered by the sun. 

Recycling Bottles


If it can be recycled, it will be! 


Tesla Powerwall

13.5kw Tesla battery stores some of our excess energy produced for use at night

Image by Ali Mucci


Everything from the hand towels to the modesty sheets are resusable and washed on site

Compost Pickup Service


Coffee grounds and kitchen scraps are all composted.  

Electric Car Battery Charging

Electric Car Charging

Charge your car for free while you have your appointment

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