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Seated Side Bend

Antenatal Yoga

Kelly, our experienced instructor, is passionate about educating women about their body during pregnancy, birth and beyond through yoga.  She wants to help guide women on this most sacred journey & to encourage them to step into their power as life givers.   

Practicing Yoga with Babies

Mums & Bubs

Run by our passionate physiotherapists, these classes promote a safe and targeted return to fitness for new

The postnatal classes have a focus on nurturing and bonding with your baby in a social group setting.

Beautiful Bumps

A safe, fun and social way for you to exercise with other
expectant mothers.

It is an excellent way to keep
yourself fit and healthy during pregnancy and can help
prevent or minimise many of the common discomforts


Pelvic Floor

Rebalance & Relaxation
A class for those with persistent pelvic pain, endometriosis, overactive pelvic floor or other ongoing pelvic discomfort.

Pelvic Floor Bootcamp
Guided by our physiotherapists this class aims to strengthen your pelvic floor.  This can help with prolapse & incontinence 


Hands on Stomach
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